Premium quality breathing air and diving equipments in Sri Lanka

Now Diving in Sri Lanka is much more safer than ever before. Halchem Lanka has step further up for the betterment of all diving professionals, in every fields in Sri Lanka. They have started training Divers on maintenance of Dive Gear in association with SCUBAPRO Asia Pacific and BAUER Compressors with the help of Bauer Compressors Asia. With the growing demand they will continue to provide this training in many levels on regular basis.

Now they are coming with “DIVERS ALERT NETWORK (DAN) ASIA-PACIFIC”.

You will get more details and updates on regular basis on this site. If you need further information please feel free to contact me.


Dive Computers

You've been underwater for almost an hour in unfamiliar territory. The current is strong, the scenery, stunning. Even the most skilled divers rely on their equipment in an underwater excursion.


Even the most skilled divers rely on their equipment in an underwater excursion. Whether monitoring depth, tracking the duration of an underwater adventure or measuring air supply, divers must be able to easily and quickly read their instruments.

Dry Suits

Diving with a dry suit makes that underwater experience even more intense. By keeping dry under the water and on the surface, you are warmer and more comfortable from start to finish-and that enhances the dive tremendously.


Our wetsuits line addresses your individual needs and exemplifies our commitment to innovation, geared for your maximum comfort.

Boots & Gloves

SCUBAPRO draws on decades of experience in the design of boots, providing you the boots you need for safe, comfortable and exhilarating dives anywhere in the world.


The most important consideration in mask selection is ?t. No two faces are alike, so SCUBAPRO's broad range takes individual differences into account. One basic difference in masks lies in the number of lenses.


Quite naturally, the configuration of that tube and the design of its components will determine its level of comfort during use. All SCUBAPRO snorkels are hydro-dynamically designed for exceptional performance.


Travel is a major part of diving and SCUBAPRO appreciates the importance of correctly transporting and protecting your equipment. Our bag line has been developed for diver particular needs, incorporating convenience and comfort into ultra-strong gear bags.


Quality knives are imperative tools for the diver and must fulfill two main priorities; a quality blade with a superior cutting edge, yet sturdy for prying and hammering and corrosion resistance.

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